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The Dr5Edit Program

The files listed below are dump files written by the Dr5Edit program. To load these files into your Boss DR-5 you will need a copy of the program. Other SysEx dump utilities are unlikely to work as there are several different transfers wrapped into a single file.

If you haven't got it download Dr5Edit EV here(~520K)

There is also a larger version of Dr5Edit with MIDI file conversion among other additions to the program. More details can be found here.

IMPORTANT Loading any of the files below into your DR-5 will overwrite any data (patterns, songs, kits and chords) that you have entered. Make sure you take a backup before loading a file if you wish to restore your DR-5 to its present state at a later date.

To download any of the files below right-click on the link and then select Save Target As... (IE) or Save Link As ... (Firefox). The whole archive can be downloaded as a single ZIP file by clicking here

If you do have any problems please contact me.

DR-5 Dr5Edit (SysEx) Dump Files

Contributor File(s) Comments
Pete Wilson File1.dr5
Song01=Riding The Rodeo (Vince Gill)
Song02=The Dance (Garth Brooks)
Song03=The Dance (Chain from Song02)
Song04=Moondance (Van Morrison)

Plus a collection of songs made from the preset patterns.
Pete Wilson File2.dr5
Song00=Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lion King)
Song01=Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Different Mix, I Think)
Song02=Daniel, My Brother
Song03=The Club at The End Of The Street

The rest of the songs are patterns and chains from the internal patterns which I use
for break music at gigs.
Pete Wilson File4.dr5
Song02=Feeling Alright (Dave Mason, Joe Cocker)

Keep in mind that these songs are arrangements that I made for my style and vocal range.
They may be too low or high for you. My main reason for posting is to share my ideas
with others. Also since my music taste leans toward the 1970's you won't find any new
stuff from me.
Pete Wilson File5.dr5
Song07=Piano Man (Billy Joel)
Pete Wilson File6.dr5
Song07=Rocky Top (Country Standard)
Paul McManus File3.dr5
Song00=Pink Panther Theme
Stephen M. Golden File7.dr5
Song00=Bass Slide

Here's a simple little bass slide people might find useful.
I use it for an intro to a song, but the technique might come in handy for some who
think you can only do discreet sounds.
Cesar Gonzalez File8.dr5
Try these out, a little something for everybody.

A little collection of cool backing tracks for a lead soloist.
Song00=A Spanish/Flamenco type chord progression that sounds great with A natural minor scale,
Song01=A rockin' blues progression for B dorian or B blues
Song06=The backing track for the Beatles " If I Needed Someone".
Song09=Backing for "Fell on Black Days" by Soundgarden.
Song12=The "Microsoft song" in E blues form (sounds pretty cool)
Song13=Another blues backing track in E minor that I have fun with.

All are for study and not for re-distribution.
Tim Cole File9.dr5
Being a guitar player I wrote this without the acoustic guitar part, so you
must play along with it.

Song00=Change the world (Eric Clapton)
Mike Davidson File10.dr5
Song00=Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)
Reinaldo Render File11.dr5
Song00=I Love You (Own composition)
Dallas Ray Smetter File12.dr5
Song00=Sister Goldenhair
Song02=This Chord (an original)
Song03=Make It With You - David Gates
Song04=Witchy Woman - Eagles
Don File13.dr5
Dave Sonsalla File14.dr5

Should you wish to contribute to this collection please email me with a copy of the Complete System dump file (*.dr5) created by saving downloaded data from your DR-5. The files posted here are for personal and educational use only. Copyright of the music contained within them remains with the original author(s).

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