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The Boss DR-5

The DR-5 is a compact, portable rhythm unit. You can use it to record drum patterns on one track and accompaniments of three instruments from a choice of over eighty on the remaining three tracks. The unit sends MIDI events when pads are pressed or playing songs or patterns and responds to MIDI messages sent from a computer or other MIDI device. Comparing price against features this unit offers the best value for money you will find.

The Dr5Edit Program

Dr5Edit allows you to access nearly all aspects of your DR-5 - but via your PC screen, mouse and keyboard. Patterns, songs and kits can be entered and edited interactively. Convert standard MIDI files into songs, save songs individually and build custom sets of songs from them. This and a lot more check out the features and benefits on the Dr5Edit page:

For more information about this program please go to the Dr5Edit page

Dr5Edit Tutorial - Saving Memory in MIDI File Conversions by Pete Wilson

The Dr5Edit EV Program

Dr5Edit EV is a free evaluation version of Dr5Edit. This program can be used to display Kits, Patterns and Songs. It can also save settings to disk and restore them. No longer do you need to delete stuff just because you run out of memory. It can be used to backup and restore Kits, Patterns & Songs, Chords and Setup data. Kits can be displayed on screen with the ability to view, edit and print pad assignments.

Download Dr5Edit EV here (~520K)

Dr5 Files

Click here for a list of Dr5 memory dump files contributed by Dr5Edit users.

Other DR-5 links

Here's what Roland has to say about the DR-5

Roland can be reached at:

The DR-5 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If your question isn't answered please email me.

Here is a link to the unofficial DR-5 support group on Yahoo.

Here is a link to another DR-5 group on Yahoo.

Here is the DR-5 specification page at Sonic State and some User reviews

Here is a set of user's reviews at Harmony Central.

Links to other DR-5 User's pages

John O'Lavery's DR-5 Page includes Word documents explaining the finer points of hooking up your DR-5 to your PC, using it with Cakewalk and some general MIDI tips, in particular synchronisation and a DR-5 Instrument Definition File.

Other MIDI links

If you're a Mac user check out Chris Dewhurst's Dr5Tool. This great little program allows you to download MIDI files to your DR5.